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As we´re getting closer to summer, it´s time to be more bold when it comes to colors. I love those with a vigorous and energetic hue. And what´s really great, you only need a little splash of those bold colors to feel a great effect!

These are some examples of colors I thinks goes very well together.

Love Mari


unknown2 Matilde Viegas uknown1


These last couple of days has been cold and grey.

Such days looks much better on pictures than in real life.

Photos: 1. Photograper Matilde Viegas 2. Unknown 3. Unknown

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petraBindel On the Cover of Swedish Elle Interior with the beautiful home of Emma Persson Lagerberg. petra Bindel1.2

This beautiful kitchen is showed in many magazines and blogs and not without reason!                The combination of mint coloured kitchen fronts, marble splash back and light bright colors make this kitchen delicate and very modern. This kitchen belongs to Emma Persson Lagerberg and is photographed by Petra Bindel. For more wonderful pictures, visit her

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Easter´s soon upon us and its time to decorate eggs. This year I will try out this recipe from Stylemepretty (picture in the collage). Beautiful!!!

Pictures from left: 1.unknown photographer 2. Between the lines Photography 3. unknown photographer 4. 5.

Enjoy the holidays!!!

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 Hello! and welcome to

As I´m pretty addicted to beautiful pictures, I wish to contribute sharing all the wonderful stuff thats out there. I hope you´ll find this page pleasing for the eye and inspiring for the mind.
Have fun!

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