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Super Fun





superfront 1.1


superfront 1.4


Ever heard about the swedish brand Superfront?

Its a company that produce fronts, handles, legs and tops for Ikea´s kitchen, sideboard and wardrobe cabinets. Aren’t their design just lovely? Kinda modern-retro-ish. If you have an old Ikea kitchen but can’t afford to renew the whole thing – check out their homepage, get inspired and start building up a new kitchen with lovely colours. fun patterns and surprising details as the legs and handles you can choose between.

Play and have fun!

Pretty Pretty Jewellery


Skjermbilde 2014-05-21 kl. 10.11.11



C M 1.3



C M 1



C M 1.4


I have always been fascinated by glamourous jewellery. When I was young I use to search through my grandmothers boxes and caskets in hope to find some old brooches, earrings with big rocks and so on. The bigger the better. Since then I haven’t lost my passion for nice jewellery, but maybe “refined” my taste a little bit.

Nowadays I often visit the beautiful store of Cecile Melli. Her dresses and jewellery are so delicate and feminine, and the interior decoration in this store is like my daydream boudoir.

Visit the store and get lost in a world of sophisticated glamour!




One can easily end up lost in the jungle of wedding inspiration. The themes, the location, the flowers, the dress, the shoes, the table setting …. When you think you have found exactly what you want, you discover the pictures of you Dream Wedding, and you have to re-determine it all…

Well, If you really don’t know what to choose I would say: go for PEACH. The colour is delicate and doesn’t appear dominant, it goes great to a lot of other colours and you can choose between different hues, from strong orange-like, to soft and dusty.

Here is some beautiful pictures from Style me Pretty.

Photography by: Sandra Marusic. Styling by: Milena Zeloni

Good morning sunshine!

tumblr_mjkcmtrMIB1qdk1qco1_500– This is how every morning should start – with coffee, in bed –

I hope your day will be lovely however you choose to start it. Maybe you´re like me, with coffee in one hand and the mascara brush in the other, already longing for the next time I´ll be resting my head on the pillow..


Met Ball 2014

Met Ball 14The monochrome – black and white – style is very popular in the wold of interior design these days, but also seen this season in the world of fashion.

This years Met Ball monochrome design was wore by several celebreties. These are some of my favorites. These women look absolutely STUNNING!