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Mirror mirror

MENU Mirror-by-Kaschkasch-Cologne-for-Menu_dezeen_sqa

IKEA Knapper mirror

asplund 1.1


Mirror mirror on the floor, one of you is most definitely going to be in my hallway.

1.The Kaschkasch Floor Mirror from MENU .

2. Standing Mirror Knapper from IKEA.

3. Tati Mirror Large from Asplund.

Which one to choose? I think all three of them are beautiful, simple and elegant. Hard to pick out one favorite!

Bits and bobs at my grandparents house

mormor 1




Every summer I usually visit my grandparents who lives at the west coast of Norway. When I leave them, I always have something with me, like an old suitcase, tableware, jewelry and other bits and bobs. On these pictures I´ve collected some of their stuff and styled it with some of their flowers from their beautiful garden.

Hope you´re having a wonderful summer!

Peace & love!

Shades of…..

Heidi Lerkenfeldt1.7



….. green and grey. ´Can ever get enough. These interior shoots is taken by the talented photographer Heidi Lerkenfeldt. I would love to know who’s done the styling, so if you have an idea – let me know. Both photographers and stylists should get their deserved credit.

I LOVE the dreamy simplicity in these pictures.