Monthly Archives: February 2015

Birthday wishes! (because its allowed to have dreams, right?)


Two weeks from now Im going to be an old lady, and as my right as an old lady I have made a wish list of my recent request. This items will go perfect  to the sophisticated and glamorous life I would love to live!

Feel free to be inspired and let yourself long for beautiful objects!

  1. Orb Champagne-Wine Bucket – how can I live a fancy life without a gold champagne bucket?
  2. Orb Champagne Gold Jigger – and of course a gold jogger which completes the bucket…
  3. Leda the Swan Diamond - who doesn’t need something sparkly and expensive on their hand
  4. Lunar Book-end – I love the modern art deco look on this brass beauty
  5. Edge Champagne Flutes – these will be needed every new years eve and the 17-may brunch
  6. Day Planner – I need structure and devising in my life, and this is pretty and elegant
  7. Silk Komono – sunday comes one day a week, best to be prepared…… with this
  8. Sleeping Mask – because Im a cat and I love to sleep
  9. St-Germain Liqueur – have you seen this bottle? Cant wait to accessories my bartable with it!
  10. Globe – its time for me to update my geographical skills and this will be very helpful
  11. Bottle opener – this is beautiful and I probably need it for opening bottles….probably
  12. Shaker – how can I increase my barskills without a proper shaker. In copper, of course
  13. Azucena Stool – some things are just needed to add your space some real prettiness
  14. Jewelry – Im dropping the rococo gown but I´ll very much have this stunning neckpiece!
  15. Calendar  – this charming calendar will also work well for decorating my walls