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This spring’s beauties // VÃ¥rens vakreste blomster

Fleur-Flowers-Blue gold-and-gray-wedding blue-wedding-invites blue-wedding-cake Fleur-Wedding-Flowers poppy-wedding-floers magnolia-rouge-invites-blue blueberry-ink

This styling is so airy and delightful, soft-hued and blissful! It makes me really happy watching these shots. Fritillary, poppies, lilacs and peonies are some of my favorite spring flowers, and here they are put together into such a beautiful bouquet. Inspired!

Photo by Clary Pfeiffer Flowers by Fleur Calligraphy by Layers of Loveliness

Høstens vakreste farger i en bukett.

Høsten byr på et hav av vakre farger og teksturer. Sett sammen en bukett bestående av  sommerens siste blomsterprakt, nydelig løverk, saftige frukter og bær. 

Her er noen eksempler på hva slags blomster og vekster du kan få i Norge gjennom høstsesongen.

Høst post v.2

Høst post v.22

Høst post v.23

Høst post v.24

Høst post v.25

Høst post v.26

Om du vurderer å legge bryllupet til høsten anbefaler jeg å ta i bruk noe av det fantastiske løverket som finnes rundt i naturen. Det bidrar til å gi et varmt, fargesprakende utrykk med massevis av tekstur. Perfekte til å fylle ut buketter og blomsterdekorasjoner uten at det spiser av budsjettet. God helg!

Bildene er lånt fra Style me Pretty

This months favorites.

e64dec187757d84c2267922d0dafa096   Skjermbilde 2015-07-05 kl. 01.48.21   Skjermbilde 2015-07-07 kl. 13.17.29   Skjermbilde 2015-07-05 kl. 01.20.58   Skjermbilde 2015-07-07 kl. 13.14.46   Skjermbilde 2015-07-07 kl. 13.14.35

Behind the camera of this lovely wedding styling is the company Almond Leaf Studios. I love the delicate and sheer atmosphere in these pictures which emphasize the details like the aerial veil, soft color hues and the dainty sweet peas. Not to mention the beautiful garden roses.


ee6f8a0ff620420fe0c81903a5e9fc33   Skjermbilde 2015-07-06 kl. 13.03.46 Skjermbilde 2015-07-06 kl. 13.17.57   Skjermbilde 2015-07-06 kl. 13.03.16Skjermbilde 2015-07-06 kl. 13.07.59   41ded6912896807415c0aa70e0a63fd2

Destination Wedding Photographer Heather Payne has traveled to Italy and eternalized an enchanting agrarian aura. With tones of blue, grey and white the decoration of this wedding shoot perfectly coalesce with its surroundings. I like to call it: perfection.


b91242135077d214fd3cd675ab7059a6   fdbcb7f82d7802f3995061556781cb9bb307f596133232857b401594f78877eb   bf64a36f570579c25813347fae0ce88c 0ab32797c3b3c6070a273eb59c3ba389   ca982c5c5527d37db9eadf3024c924bb

The settings of this elegant and charming wedding is AMAZING! Such a beautiful backdrop palette, accentuated with corals and soft pinks gives a perfect harmonic accomplishment. I love the amusing details such as “come hungry + dress to kill” as seen on the invitation, and the sweet poetry written on the banners. And oh – a tower of donut! Im totally gonna rip that idea. Photos taken by Finch and Farrow Photography.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”







Quote from one of my favorite authors Anais Nin.

I brought in some lilac branches here the other day, and now they have started to blossom.         The scent! I can’t image something more spring-like than this lovely smell!

Theese beautiful photos are shot by Heather Payne, and inspire me to go out and pick a nice bouquet, to place on the dinner-table. The joy looking at gorgeous flowers!

Birthday wishes! (because its allowed to have dreams, right?)


Two weeks from now Im going to be an old lady, and as my right as an old lady I have made a wish list of my recent request. This items will go perfect  to the sophisticated and glamorous life I would love to live!

Feel free to be inspired and let yourself long for beautiful objects!

  1. Orb Champagne-Wine Bucket – how can I live a fancy life without a gold champagne bucket?
  2. Orb Champagne Gold Jigger – and of course a gold jogger which completes the bucket…
  3. Leda the Swan Diamond - who doesn’t need something sparkly and expensive on their hand
  4. Lunar Book-end – I love the modern art deco look on this brass beauty
  5. Edge Champagne Flutes – these will be needed every new years eve and the 17-may brunch
  6. Day Planner – I need structure and devising in my life, and this is pretty and elegant
  7. Silk Komono – sunday comes one day a week, best to be prepared…… with this
  8. Sleeping Mask – because Im a cat and I love to sleep
  9. St-Germain Liqueur – have you seen this bottle? Cant wait to accessories my bartable with it!
  10. Globe – its time for me to update my geographical skills and this will be very helpful
  11. Bottle opener – this is beautiful and I probably need it for opening bottles….probably
  12. Shaker – how can I increase my barskills without a proper shaker. In copper, of course
  13. Azucena Stool – some things are just needed to add your space some real prettiness
  14. Jewelry – Im dropping the rococo gown but I´ll very much have this stunning neckpiece!
  15. Calendar  – this charming calendar will also work well for decorating my walls

Shades of…..

Heidi Lerkenfeldt1.7



….. green and grey. ´Can ever get enough. These interior shoots is taken by the talented photographer Heidi Lerkenfeldt. I would love to know who’s done the styling, so if you have an idea – let me know. Both photographers and stylists should get their deserved credit.

I LOVE the dreamy simplicity in these pictures.

Call the Doctor

Skjermbilde 2014-05-26 kl. 21.23.29

Skjermbilde 2014-05-26 kl. 21.25.53

Skjermbilde 2014-05-26 kl. 21.24.42

Skjermbilde 2014-05-26 kl. 21.24.53

Skjermbilde 2014-05-26 kl. 21.26.44

Skjermbilde 2014-05-26 kl. 21.26.26


Here´s some of my favorite shoots from the House Doctor catalogue 2014

“An interior symphony of organic curves and soft hues as well as graphically shaped furniture, hand crafted, tactile ceramics and modern art”

I agree. I love the styling on these pictures, simple and casual with harmonizing colours and textures that emphasise each other. Inspiring!

New chapter

Last week was my last one at the lovely interior store Milla Boutique. I´ve been working there as a trainee for six months, and there have been six wonderful months where I have learned, developed my skills regarding interior styling, met a lot of interesting people, sipped prosecco, discovered amazing decor objects and laughed A LOT. The two charming ladies behind the store Camilla Berntsen and Tine Robertsen has been the most welcoming as ever imagined. I wish them good look further on. I know theres ´lots of thrilling things going on with the boutique!

Some of my shoots at Milla Boutique


Super Fun





superfront 1.1


superfront 1.4


Ever heard about the swedish brand Superfront?

Its a company that produce fronts, handles, legs and tops for Ikea´s kitchen, sideboard and wardrobe cabinets. Aren’t their design just lovely? Kinda modern-retro-ish. If you have an old Ikea kitchen but can’t afford to renew the whole thing – check out their homepage, get inspired and start building up a new kitchen with lovely colours. fun patterns and surprising details as the legs and handles you can choose between.

Play and have fun!




One can easily end up lost in the jungle of wedding inspiration. The themes, the location, the flowers, the dress, the shoes, the table setting …. When you think you have found exactly what you want, you discover the pictures of you Dream Wedding, and you have to re-determine it all…

Well, If you really don’t know what to choose I would say: go for PEACH. The colour is delicate and doesn’t appear dominant, it goes great to a lot of other colours and you can choose between different hues, from strong orange-like, to soft and dusty.

Here is some beautiful pictures from Style me Pretty.

Photography by: Sandra Marusic. Styling by: Milena Zeloni