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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”







Quote from one of my favorite authors Anais Nin.

I brought in some lilac branches here the other day, and now they have started to blossom.         The scent! I can’t image something more spring-like than this lovely smell!

Theese beautiful photos are shot by Heather Payne, and inspire me to go out and pick a nice bouquet, to place on the dinner-table. The joy looking at gorgeous flowers!

Birthday wishes! (because its allowed to have dreams, right?)


Two weeks from now Im going to be an old lady, and as my right as an old lady I have made a wish list of my recent request. This items will go perfect  to the sophisticated and glamorous life I would love to live!

Feel free to be inspired and let yourself long for beautiful objects!

  1. Orb Champagne-Wine Bucket – how can I live a fancy life without a gold champagne bucket?
  2. Orb Champagne Gold Jigger – and of course a gold jogger which completes the bucket…
  3. Leda the Swan Diamond - who doesn’t need something sparkly and expensive on their hand
  4. Lunar Book-end – I love the modern art deco look on this brass beauty
  5. Edge Champagne Flutes – these will be needed every new years eve and the 17-may brunch
  6. Day Planner – I need structure and devising in my life, and this is pretty and elegant
  7. Silk Komono – sunday comes one day a week, best to be prepared…… with this
  8. Sleeping Mask – because Im a cat and I love to sleep
  9. St-Germain Liqueur – have you seen this bottle? Cant wait to accessories my bartable with it!
  10. Globe – its time for me to update my geographical skills and this will be very helpful
  11. Bottle opener – this is beautiful and I probably need it for opening bottles….probably
  12. Shaker – how can I increase my barskills without a proper shaker. In copper, of course
  13. Azucena Stool – some things are just needed to add your space some real prettiness
  14. Jewelry – Im dropping the rococo gown but I´ll very much have this stunning neckpiece!
  15. Calendar  – this charming calendar will also work well for decorating my walls

Wedding decoration







This summer two friends of mine were married. It was a wonderful wedding.                        Relaxed atmosphere, lovely food and drinks, and of course a lot of love.

I was honored to get the job of doing the decorating. These are some shoots of the tables where the dinner was held.

A great thanks to Marita Nielsen who shoot these beautiful pictures.

Bits and bobs at my grandparents house

mormor 1




Every summer I usually visit my grandparents who lives at the west coast of Norway. When I leave them, I always have something with me, like an old suitcase, tableware, jewelry and other bits and bobs. On these pictures I´ve collected some of their stuff and styled it with some of their flowers from their beautiful garden.

Hope you´re having a wonderful summer!

Peace & love!

New chapter

Last week was my last one at the lovely interior store Milla Boutique. I´ve been working there as a trainee for six months, and there have been six wonderful months where I have learned, developed my skills regarding interior styling, met a lot of interesting people, sipped prosecco, discovered amazing decor objects and laughed A LOT. The two charming ladies behind the store Camilla Berntsen and Tine Robertsen has been the most welcoming as ever imagined. I wish them good look further on. I know theres ´lots of thrilling things going on with the boutique!

Some of my shoots at Milla Boutique



unknown2 Matilde Viegas uknown1


These last couple of days has been cold and grey.

Such days looks much better on pictures than in real life.

Photos: 1. Photograper Matilde Viegas 2. Unknown 3. Unknown

Love Mari


 Hello! and welcome to

As I´m pretty addicted to beautiful pictures, I wish to contribute sharing all the wonderful stuff thats out there. I hope you´ll find this page pleasing for the eye and inspiring for the mind.
Have fun!

Love Mari