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This spring’s beauties // VÃ¥rens vakreste blomster

Fleur-Flowers-Blue gold-and-gray-wedding blue-wedding-invites blue-wedding-cake Fleur-Wedding-Flowers poppy-wedding-floers magnolia-rouge-invites-blue blueberry-ink

This styling is so airy and delightful, soft-hued and blissful! It makes me really happy watching these shots. Fritillary, poppies, lilacs and peonies are some of my favorite spring flowers, and here they are put together into such a beautiful bouquet. Inspired!

Photo by Clary Pfeiffer Flowers by Fleur Calligraphy by Layers of Loveliness

This months favorites.

e64dec187757d84c2267922d0dafa096   Skjermbilde 2015-07-05 kl. 01.48.21   Skjermbilde 2015-07-07 kl. 13.17.29   Skjermbilde 2015-07-05 kl. 01.20.58   Skjermbilde 2015-07-07 kl. 13.14.46   Skjermbilde 2015-07-07 kl. 13.14.35

Behind the camera of this lovely wedding styling is the company Almond Leaf Studios. I love the delicate and sheer atmosphere in these pictures which emphasize the details like the aerial veil, soft color hues and the dainty sweet peas. Not to mention the beautiful garden roses.


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Destination Wedding Photographer Heather Payne has traveled to Italy and eternalized an enchanting agrarian aura. With tones of blue, grey and white the decoration of this wedding shoot perfectly coalesce with its surroundings. I like to call it: perfection.


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The settings of this elegant and charming wedding is AMAZING! Such a beautiful backdrop palette, accentuated with corals and soft pinks gives a perfect harmonic accomplishment. I love the amusing details such as “come hungry + dress to kill” as seen on the invitation, and the sweet poetry written on the banners. And oh – a tower of donut! Im totally gonna rip that idea. Photos taken by Finch and Farrow Photography.

Wedding decoration







This summer two friends of mine were married. It was a wonderful wedding.                        Relaxed atmosphere, lovely food and drinks, and of course a lot of love.

I was honored to get the job of doing the decorating. These are some shoots of the tables where the dinner was held.

A great thanks to Marita Nielsen who shoot these beautiful pictures.




One can easily end up lost in the jungle of wedding inspiration. The themes, the location, the flowers, the dress, the shoes, the table setting …. When you think you have found exactly what you want, you discover the pictures of you Dream Wedding, and you have to re-determine it all…

Well, If you really don’t know what to choose I would say: go for PEACH. The colour is delicate and doesn’t appear dominant, it goes great to a lot of other colours and you can choose between different hues, from strong orange-like, to soft and dusty.

Here is some beautiful pictures from Style me Pretty.

Photography by: Sandra Marusic. Styling by: Milena Zeloni